A Glimpse of Canberra (March 2006 - September 2006)

Glimpse of Canberra ... in other words the few photographs I managed to take during my brief studentship at ANU. Well, despite being frozen half the time and being buried in work, mostly in the form of reading, I did get some 'photo opportunities'. Most of that were thanks to the kind Kottege family. People say Canberra is boring. I would have discovered the full meaning of that if it were not for the Kottege's and all the nice friends I had there. So, as strange as it may sound, I do kind of miss Canberra in addition to Adelaide and Sri Lanka, which were already on the list. view



Images of Anuradhapura (March 2006)

Another one of my trips around Sri Lanka with mother, father and Shantha. This is my effort to capture the ancient splendour of Anuradhapura, first kingdom of Sri Lanka. Mahavamsa has it that it lasted for over 1000 years from 5th century B.C. You will see that I haven't really distinguished my self in capturing the 'Splendour of Anuradhapura' but there are some reasonable ones of places of note and of some notorious attention seekers view



Pinnawala Elephant Orphange

The famous elephant foster home in Sri Lanka. One of my trips with my family on my last visit home. A very popular tourist attraction in Sri Lanka, pinnawala provide caring refuge for helpless elephants with sad stories to tell, due to human invasion of their rightful homes. If your life's goal is to photograph elephants, you can go for life here at Pinnawala. One might say that they are not in their natural habitat. True. But an elephant is an elephant. So I clicked away, and in the process captured a few reasonable images of the gentle giants and some of the not-so-giant cute ones. view



Grandeur of Polonnaruwa (March 2006)

I believe I did a slightly better job here at the second kingdom of Ceylon than what I did at Anuradhapura. Again opinion may be sharply divided on that. This is a large collection, so it will take a while to go through them all. This was my first visit to Polonnaruwa, which is a bit sad. But on the flipside everything was new to me, may be that helped me in capturing the ancient 'grandeur'. view



Singapore Diaries (2003 Dec -2004 Feb)

Summer 2003, I was lucky enough to get a work experience position with NUS. As most other times I happened to take my camera with me. So here is my attempt at 'Chronicles of Singapore'. You might find that I have kept a rather weird diary in this city of concrete - as some people would refer to it. Should the question ever occur to you as I have struggled to frame the concrete, all the photographs that appear in this album were taken within Singaporean borders. view


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