Rain Forest Green

This is a belated addition (just like all other albums). Photos taken a good 12 months back, when I dared my trusty teenage Toyota on the Great Ocean Road. That is when, I, Dian - my friend for the journey - and my faithful Toyota came to notice the turn off to what was called 'The Otway Fly'. Dian was bored with the company enough to agree to take the detour see what that was. As you can see it was very green. I am not sure if this classifies as a rain forest, but by the looks it is passable as one. The fact that there was a slight drizzle might have influenced me. This album merits the status of 'Collection', a little due to the fact that all pictures look more or less similar and largely due to that the 'Collections' page looked increasingly underpopulated. view



B&W Collection From Ages Ago

I finally decided that my minute collection of photographs has been sitting on my computer doing nothing for long enough. So now they can sit on a website and do nothing. These B&W pictures are pretty much my very first stint with an SLR. So naturally it is the first to be put on the website. They are some very poor resolution scans that I made years ago. It is going to take too long to dig up old negatives and make new scans. (Testimony to my laziness) Most of these were taken at Kalutara except one of my favourites which was taken on the beach at a fishing village in Negambo. view


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