My feeble efforts with the lens by isharaka gunasinghe
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  I finally decided that my minute collection of photographs has been sitting on my computer doing nothing for long enough. So now they can sit on a website and do nothing. These B&W pictures are pretty much my very first stint with an SLR. So naturally it is the first to be put on the website.  view images  These are some pictures of what happened to Kalutara from Tsunami    
If your life's goal is to photograph elephants, you can go for life here at Pinnawala. One might say that they are not in their natural habitat. True. But an elephant is an elephant. So I clicked away, and in the process captured a few reasonable images of the gentle giants and some of the not-so-giant cute ones.   view images  Explore Pinnawala!   Wikipedia didn't have much at the time, but it gets updated... So could be worth a look.  
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